Cobra M40C Lawnmower Review

Design and Build

The Cobra M40C presents a straightforward, no-frills design, focused on durability and function. With a solid 40cm steel cutting deck, it is designed to withstand the rigors of regular garden care. The traditional four-wheeled configuration provides a stable cutting experience, and the manually adjustable cutting heights allow for flexibility depending on lawn conditions.


During my time with the M40C, I was impressed by its consistent cutting performance. The single-speed drive aids in maintaining a steady pass across the yard, and its ability to handle varying lengths of grass without clogging is commendable. Even in damp conditions, the mower cuts cleanly without clumping, a testament to its reliable blade and deck design.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency

Powered by a Cobra DG350 Series engine, the M40C is surprisingly efficient for a petrol mower. It starts with minimal effort, usually on the first pull. The fuel consumption is modest; I’ve been able to complete mowing sessions for a medium-sized garden on a single tank, without the need for a refill.

Ease of Use

The M40C is a push mower, which means it requires a bit more physical effort, especially in larger gardens or those with slopes. However, it’s lighter than many self-propelled counterparts, making it relatively easy to maneuver. The ergonomic handle and simple control layout make the user experience straightforward, albeit with the expected physical exertion of a push model.

Collection Box

This model comes equipped with a 50-liter grass box, which is ample for most domestic lawns, allowing for extended mowing before needing to be emptied. The hard plastic top with a cloth bag ensures durability while keeping the weight down.

Noise Level

The M40C operates at typical noise levels for a petrol lawnmower. It’s not overly loud, but hearing protection might be desirable for prolonged use. It’s certainly suitable for residential areas, assuming you’re not mowing at the crack of dawn.


The lack of self-propulsion might be a drawback for those with larger or hilly gardens. Additionally, the wheels and height adjustment lever can feel a bit stiff, which could be a point of improvement for ease of use and comfort.


The Cobra M40C is a reliable, no-nonsense petrol lawnmower that gets the job done. It’s best suited for small to medium-sized lawns where a self-propelled feature is not a necessity. The combination of efficient engine performance, ease of use, and robust build quality makes it a solid choice for gardeners who prefer a straightforward, effective mowing tool.

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