Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower Review

Design and Build

The Flymo 1200R is a compact robotic lawnmower with a sleek design tailored for modern convenience. With its vibrant orange and grey housing, it stands out visually in the garden equipment market. This model is specifically crafted to handle small to medium-sized gardens up to 400 square meters. Its lightweight build allows it to navigate through your lawn with ease, and its collision sensors help it to avoid obstacles effectively.


Performance-wise, the 1200R is programmed to randomly traverse the lawn, ensuring that all areas are covered over time without creating mowing patterns or tracks. Its blades cut the grass into fine clippings that naturally fertilize the lawn. Users often report that it maintains grass height consistently, giving the lawn a neatly groomed appearance with little to no effort.

Engine and Efficiency

As an electric robotic lawnmower, the Flymo 1200R is powered by a lithium-ion battery, ensuring quiet, emission-free operation. The mower is self-charging, automatically returning to its docking station when it needs more power. The energy efficiency of this model is high since it only uses electricity to recharge and operates autonomously to optimize its mowing pattern and battery usage.

Ease of Use

The Flymo 1200R is incredibly user-friendly, with an intuitive installation process and simple programming. Once the boundary wire is set up to define the mowing area, the 1200R requires minimal human intervention. Its smart technology allows it to mow and charge as needed, based on the size and complexity of the lawn.

Collection Box

The Flymo 1200R does not come with a collection box. Instead, it employs a mulching technique to cut the grass into fine clippings that disperse onto the lawn, acting as a natural fertilizer and moisture retainer.

Noise Level

One of the primary advantages of the 1200R is its quiet operation. It works at a low noise level, allowing for mowing at almost any time of day without causing disruption to you or your neighbors, a feature particularly appreciated in residential areas.


The random mowing pattern of the 1200R may not be efficient for everyone, especially if you prefer the quick results of traditional mowing patterns. It may miss spots and require a few days to cover the entire lawn evenly. Additionally, set up requires careful placement of the boundary wire, and it may struggle with complex garden layouts or steep inclines.


The Flymo 1200R is a solid choice for those looking to maintain a well-groomed lawn with minimal effort. It’s an ideal match for small to medium-sized gardens. While the initial setup and the mower’s price point may be higher than a conventional electric or gas mower, the long-term convenience and time savings make it an attractive option for busy homeowners. If the idea of setting up your lawn care to run on autopilot appeals to you, the Flymo 1200R is an investment that can offer both practical and aesthetic returns for your garden.

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