Lawnmaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower Review

Design and Build

The Lawnmaster L10 is a sleekly designed robotic lawnmower with a futuristic feel, perfect for small and more straightforward gardens up to 400 square meters. It sports a compact and robust design to withstand the rigors of regular mowing. The user-friendly interface on the mower allows for quick adjustments and setup, reflecting its purpose of convenience and automation.


Geared towards efficiency, the L10 operates with a random mowing pattern, which ensures complete coverage over time. It can handle slight inclines in the yard and cuts grass up to a height of 50mm. With razor-sharp blades, it ensures a precise cut, and as it regularly mows, your lawn remains consistently well-kept without any effort on your part.

Engine and Efficiency

The L10 is battery-powered, housing a lithium-ion battery that provides a quiet and eco-friendly mowing experience. It automatically returns to its charging station when power runs low. The energy efficiency of the L10 is a significant selling point, as it requires less energy than larger models and conventional lawnmowers.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is where the L10 truly excels. Initial setup involves placing a boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn. Once that’s done, the L10 takes over, operating within these boundaries with minimal intervention. The mower can be scheduled to run at any time, ensuring your lawn is always maintained, even when you’re not home.

Collection Box

Like most robotic lawnmowers, the L10 does not have a grass collection box. It uses a mulching system that cuts grass clippings into fine pieces, which fall to the soil and act as a natural fertilizer. This feature also means there’s no need to dispose of grass clippings after mowing.

Noise Level

Robotic mowers are known for their quiet operation, and the Lawnmaster L10 is no exception. Its low noise output allows it to operate at any time of day without causing a disturbance, making it ideal for residential areas where noise pollution is a concern.


The L10’s random mowing pattern may not be as quick or efficient as more sophisticated mapping systems on some higher-end models, potentially leaving some patches of grass uncut after a single operation cycle. Additionally, it’s only suitable for smaller gardens, and complex garden layouts may present challenges for the mower’s navigation system.


The Lawnmaster L10 robotic lawnmower is an ideal candidate for anyone looking to take the effort out of lawn maintenance for a small garden. Its user-friendly setup, coupled with the time and effort savings it offers, presents a compelling case for those ready to invest in a robotic mower. The lack of a collection box and a quiet operation are significant advantages. The L10 is perfect for maintaining a consistently neat lawn with minimal human input, providing you with more time to enjoy your garden rather than labor in it.

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