Bosch Rotak 370 ER Lawnmower Review

Design and Build

The Bosch Rotak 370 ER is a corded electric lawnmower designed for practicality and comfort. It sports an ergonomic build with a double-folding handle and a stackable grass box, which makes it convenient for storing in tight spaces. The integrated carrying handle simplifies transport, and its relatively lightweight design aids in maneuverability. The 37cm cutting width is ideal for small to medium gardens.


In terms of performance, the 1400W Powerdrive motor provides a consistent cut, even under challenging conditions. It offers a range of cutting heights, from 20 to 70mm, which are easy to adjust. In real-world use, it delivers a clean cut with each pass and handles tall grass with relative ease, thanks to its hardened steel blade and innovative airflow technology.

Engine and Efficiency

As a corded mower, the Rotak 370 ER’s efficiency is excellent. There’s no need to worry about charging batteries or refueling. However, the cord does limit range and can be a hindrance if your lawn is far from a power outlet, or if it is large and requires extensive reach, making extension cords necessary.

Ease of Use

The Rotak 370 ER shines with its straightforward operation. It’s ready to go as soon as it’s plugged in, and there are no complicated settings to grapple with. The grass combs on the side of the mower are a nice touch, allowing you to mow right up to the edge of your lawn, reducing the need for additional trimming.

Collection Box

The mower comes with a 40-liter grass collection box, which is a good size for its class, minimizing the frequency of emptying. The grass box is easy to detach and reattach, and its design helps compact the grass clippings, maximizing the amount of mowing you can do before needing to empty it.

Noise Level

Electric mowers are generally quieter than their gas counterparts, and the Rotak 370 ER is no exception. It operates at a noise level that’s comfortable for the user and should be low enough to use without causing a disturbance in most residential areas.


The primary limitation of the Bosch Rotak 370 ER is the power cord, which can restrict movement and require management to avoid cutting or tangling. Additionally, while it handles most lawn types well, it may struggle with very uneven terrain or particularly wet conditions.


The Bosch Rotak 370 ER is a solid performer among corded electric lawnmowers. Its design and build quality reflect Bosch’s attention to detail, making it a reliable tool for regular lawn maintenance. It’s particularly suited for those with small to medium-sized lawns who prefer not to deal with the maintenance and noise of a gas mower. The ease of use and consistent performance, coupled with the benefits of electric power, make the Rotak 370 ER a great option for those looking to keep their lawn in top shape with minimal fuss.

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