Cobra MX46SPH Lawnmower Review

Our rating

  • Muching and side discharge functions
  • Great on fuel
  • Compact design
  • Heavy so can be difficult to manoeuvre
  • No washout port

Design and Build

Upon first glance, the Cobra MX46SPH lawnmower boasts a robust and sturdy design, ideal for handling the trials of regular garden work. The 46cm cutting width strikes a harmonious balance between covering a sizable area and providing enough agility to navigate through tight spaces. The mower’s metallic body and strong deck ensure durability, which I found indispensable given the frequent mowing sessions in varying terrain.

Cobra MX46SPH Lawnmower


My experience with the MX46SPH’s performance has been nothing short of commendable. One of the standout features is its versatility – offering mulching, side discharge, and the traditional cut & collect functions. This adaptability means that regardless of the lawn conditions – whether thick patches or overgrown areas – this mower gets the job done seamlessly. The multiple height adjustments cater to different grass lengths, ranging from short summer cuts to longer winter trims, proving invaluable across seasons.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency

Powered by the reputable Honda GCV140 engine, the Cobra MX46SPH lawnmower showcases consistent and robust performance. This engine doesn’t merely offer raw power but does so with impressive fuel efficiency. My frequent mowing sessions were usually interrupted less by refueling and more by admiring the crisp look of the freshly cut grass. Furthermore, the easy-start feature ensures that starting the mower is a hassle-free experience every time.

Ease of Use

Being self-propelled, the MX46SPH scores high on user-friendliness. Maneuvering it across the lawn, even with slight slopes, felt almost effortless. Its ergonomic handle and intuitive controls significantly reduced the strain during extended mowing sessions. The added bonus? Its relatively compact design made storing it post-use a breeze, even in my cluttered shed.

Collection Box

With a generous collection box capacity, the Cobra MX46SPH ensures you spend more time mowing and less time emptying. During peak summer season, I particularly appreciated this aspect as it meant fewer interruptions. The indicator on the collection box, notifying when it’s full, is a thoughtful touch, ensuring optimal mowing without any guesswork and a face full of grass when you lift the lid.

Noise Level

For a petrol mower, the MX46SPH operates at a reasonably modest noise level. While it’s not whisper-quiet, it’s certainly not ear-splitting either. I found it comfortable enough not to disturb neighbors during early morning or late evening mows, which, in a close-knit community, is always a bonus.


No lawnmower is without its drawbacks. The Cobra MX46SPH, despite its myriad of features, does have a couple of cons. While the mower is generally easy to maneuver, its weight can be felt when lifting or transporting it over steps or raised areas. Additionally, some users might find the absence of a washout port for cleaning to be a minor inconvenience.


All things considered, the Cobra MX46SPH Lawnmower stands out as a powerhouse of performance, functionality, and user-friendliness. From its versatile mowing options to the efficient Honda engine, it encapsulates what one seeks in a reliable gardening companion. While it has its minor shortcomings, they pale in comparison to the benefits it brings to the lawn-mowing experience. For anyone seeking a blend of power and convenience, the MX46SPH is a worthy investment.

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