Masterforce 80V Lawnmower Review

Design and Build

The Masterforce 80V lawnmower boasts a sturdy design that balances robust construction with user-centric ergonomics. With a durable steel deck and a design that emphasizes stability and durability, it’s clear this mower is built to handle varied lawn care demands. Its design prioritizes ease of storage with a foldable handle, making it a practical choice for those with limited space.


Equipped with a high-performance 80V brushless motor, the Masterforce mower demonstrates excellent cutting efficiency. The power output is on par with gas mowers, making short work of dense grass and overgrown areas. In my experience, it offers consistent performance throughout its battery life, without noticeable power fade as the battery drains—a plus for uninterrupted mowing.

Engine and Efficiency

The Masterforce 80V’s engine is all about the cordless revolution, delivering gas-like power without the emissions, noise, and maintenance. The battery provides a substantial run time, often enough to cover a medium to a large-sized lawn on a single charge. The 80V batteries also recharge relatively quickly, reducing downtime.

Ease of Use

Despite its solid build, the mower is not overly heavy, and the large wheels make maneuvering through the garden effortless. Height adjustment is straightforward, offering multiple settings to cater to your lawn’s needs. The push-button start is a welcome convenience, and the battery interchangeability with other Masterforce tools adds to the user-friendly experience.

Collection Box

The collection bag is appropriately sized for the mower’s intended use. It fills evenly, and I found that it allows for a considerable amount of mowing to be done before needing to be emptied. The bag’s material is rugged, suggesting it will endure well over time.

Noise Level

The Masterforce 80V is significantly quieter than traditional gas mowers. This reduced noise level is a substantial benefit, allowing for a more pleasant mowing experience and the freedom to mow at more flexible times without disturbing the peace.


The initial cost of the Masterforce 80V mower can be steep, particularly if you’re starting from scratch without compatible batteries. While the run time is generally sufficient, those with particularly large properties might need to invest in additional batteries, which adds to the expense.


The Masterforce 80V lawnmower is a formidable player in the electric mower market. It brings the convenience of electric power without sacrificing the performance that users expect from a gas mower. This mower is particularly suitable for homeowners who are looking to make the switch to battery power without compromising on the ability to handle tougher mowing tasks. With its combination of power, convenience, and quieter operation, it’s an investment that represents a long-term commitment to efficient and environmentally friendly lawn care.

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